Summer 2011

Table of Contents - Vol. VII, No. 2


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Gale Acuff
The Truth Shall Set You Free

Christine Bloom
A Ghazal Sequence: In Memoriam
Tasting Salt
The Visit

Bob Bradshaw

Laurie Byro
Garden Snake
Katharine Hamlet of Avon Sings Herself to Sleep
The Tiger Garden

Nahshon Cook
The Elephant and the Mahout

Karen Douglass
Kevin of the Streets
The Red Hand of Ulster

Joseph Hart
Old Men

Vineet Kaul
Beauty is the Beguile in the Eye of the Beholder
The Kit and Caboodle of Collective Silence

Maurine Killough
His gloves

David W. Landrum
Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste

Yvette Neisser Moreno
After a Funeral

Richard J. O'Brien
How It Works With Angels

Scott Owens
Two Senryu

Constantine Pantazonis
yesterday's news

Susan Sgroi

Laura Sheahen
the fauna of the night

Emeniano Acain Somoza Jr.
Somewhere My Ideal Poet

S. Thomas Summers
The Peach Orchard
Cemetery Ridge
Rest in Peace

Allen M. Weber
The Borrow Pit
The Estate Sale
To Be Wild

Bill Wolak
Xanthus of Alexandria
In Babylon before Physicians
Blind Pheros
Teraton Agora

Changming Yuan
Bodhi Meditation

Mimi Zannino
The Wake


Daniel Davis
Don’t Wake Me When You Leave

Bryce Manubay
Gator Pontoon

E. C. O'Neal
Senator Barbie

Sue Pace
In Search Of Tropical Fish

Thane Zander
Open Window


Building the Barricade
He Steals Furs
He Got Lucky


Lidia Kosk
And I See Those Streets
Three Gun Salute
In Search of Escape



Dan Cuddy
Review of Spiders: Poems By Thomas Dorsett
Review of Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems, an anthology edited by Laura Shovan

Alan C. Reese
Review of The Disinformation Phase by Chris Toll

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