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Loch Raven Review solicits quality work proactively and also accepts submissions on a continuous flow basis. Submissions may be made at any time. Loch Raven Review will post selected works when an issue is published; they will remain posted throughout the period of the issue and will then be archived online with that issue and published later in the following annual print version of the journal. Loch Raven Review does not just wait for submissions to come in over the transom. We will invite authors to publish their works with us. We seek to publish the best poetry, very short fiction, and articles, and prefer previously unpublished works.  We will consider works which have already been published, but will only republish what we deem to be of extraordinary quality. We do not want simultaneous submissions. If we contact you about your work(s), it is because we believe they should be showcased in Loch Raven Review.

Quality - We are looking for top quality poetry in any style or form including poetry in set forms (traditional and innovative) and high-quality free verse. With respect to fiction, we are most open to very short fiction, i.e., 100 to 2,000 words, but are glad to consider longer short stories of exceptional quality. Erotic works would have to be of exceptional quality to be accepted; we do not publish smut. Please do not send us works that are still in work. Please send us polished works, error-free, in the body of an email. You would do well to query the editors before submitting articles, but we will consider articles submitted without a query. Do not submit graphics (for the digital editions) that cannot display well on a 6x9 size page. (Graphics may not be included in the print annual; certainly, color graphics will not be included.)

Content - At this point, we are open to works on virtually any subject, excepting, of course, anything hateful or filthy. While we appreciate serious works more than light, we are open to top quality light verse, humor, etc. While we are least likely to want to publish teen angst, overly-sentimental works, and partisan political works, we are willing to consider nearly all subjects. Of course, this is not a commitment to accept any subject; all submissions are accepted or not at our sole discretion. Loch Raven Review is apolitical. We are open to works reflective of all points on the political, social, and religious spectra, but we do not want partisan works of any ilk. Book Reviews – Loch Raven Review, generally, will not review unsolicited books sent in for review. If we receive an unsolicited book for review, we may choose to review it or not. All unsolicited books received will not be returned, whether reviewed or not. Generally, the editors will select books for review proactively. A reviewer is given a bio entry on the Contributor Notes page.

Loch Raven Review features in its Translations section poems translated from other languages, alongside their originals. The fact that the translations are subsequently or recently published in a book is an added value. Our goal is to familiarize readers with poets from all over the world and their translators. Please send 3-5 translations of the same poet. The submitted translations must be unpublished (with the exception of their book publication). We assume that the translators have secured the rights to the translations and permission to publish the original poems.Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with the content and format of the Translations section. The spring 2011 issue features works of a Venezuelan poet, the summer 2011 issue two Polish poets, the fall issue two Czech poets, and the winter issue three Turkish poets.

Book Notes – We publish “Book Notes” and announcements at our sole discretion. If you wish to submit a fully written Book Note in our format along with a copy of the book, we will consider publishing it - as always, no guarantees. A Book Note should contain all the sort of details you see in those we have published. No bio entry is published with a Book Note.

This is an edited journal and webzine. We DO NOT publish everything that is submitted to us. We reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion in ALL cases. If, for any reason, you cannot cope with rejection, better not to make submissions. We use only a portion of the submissions that we receive. There are plenty of other websites which are unedited and where you can post your works with no editorial interference if that is what you seek. We may occasionally publish authors who have previously been published in Loch Raven Review; that does not mean that anyone has carte blanche to be published here. When we do reject any work, we do so with a short (and, we hope, gentle) note and generally do not make any comments about the work. If you want editorial assistance, guidance, commentary, etc., please ask. We may choose to offer comments on newer poetic forms. Replies to submissions will be sent during each issue's reading period.

Loch Raven Review is a quarterly literary journal; both a quarterly webzine and an annual print compilation. The digital versions (HTML) may be published also as PDF e-books. The print version will probably be published using print-on-demand (POD) technology and/or as a printable PDF e-book. The HTML webzines will be available free of charge on this website. PDF and POD books will be available for purchase; information on purchasing print copies will posted on this website in due time. We do not plan to institute a subscription scheme for the first year of the Review.
      No. 1 - Spring Issue, posts in March, deadline is February 28th. (Reading period February 15th - March 15th)
      No. 2 - Summer Issue, posts in June, deadline is May 31st. (Reading period May 15th - June 15th)
      No. 3 - Fall Issue, posts in September, deadline is August 31st. (Reading period August 15th - September 15th)
      No. 4 - Winter Issue, posts in December, deadline is November 30th. (Reading period November 15th - December 15th)
      No. 5 - Annual - The print annual should be published in February of each year.

NOTICE: About PDF Files - To read some documents, you may need the software "Acrobat Reader" from Adobe. If you don't already have it, you can download it free of charge from the Adobe Homepage.

You may submit up to ten works (poems, short fiction, articles, illustrated poetry [e.g., "haiga"]) at one time. For very short poetry, e.g., haiku, your chances of acceptance will be enhanced if you submit several such poems; we prefer to publish very short works in groups of three. In any case, you may submit more than once for a single issue. We may publish as few as 1 or 2 works, and we also will publish as many as we find worth publication. Make your submission by sending your works in to Loch Raven Review in the BODY of an email. Subject Line: In your email submissions, please enter as a subject line: "LRR submission from [your name]". Do NOT send submissions as attachments to email. EMAILS WITH ATTACHMENTS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT REPLY. (NOTE: Graphics, JPEGs, GIFs, PDFs, may be submitted as attachments; but you must first notify an editor by email and get permission to send an attachment.) You may use the email link below. If you need clarification, or have a special situation you want to discuss, please feel free to write the editors at [email protected].

Loch Raven Review needs the following information: 1. Your name. 2. Your city, state and country. 3. Your email address. 4. The submission itself. 5. Tell us whether you are younger or older than 16 years of age, so that we may comply with the U.S.A. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (the COPPA applies to children under 13; our minimum age limit is 16 as a matter of editorial policy). 6. A brief biographical sketch for the Contributor Notes page (we are more interested in your writing credits and credentials, and in your personal website URL and your email address, than in hobbies, pets, etc.).

NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Please do not submit anything on offer anywhere else. We seek to publish both previously unpublished works and those which have already been published, but not works under consideration for publication elsewhere.

NOTE: You must be 16 or older to submit poetry to Loch Raven Review.
              If you are under 16, EXIT NOW !

There is no payment of any kind for accepted submissions for Loch Raven Review. As you surely know, most small magazines such as this are labors of love, produced at a loss in service to literature and its readers. Small magazines, especially poetry magazines, are notoriously unprofitable. Writers supply their creative genius and the magazine supplies access to readers; all gain by this, even if none become wealthy by it. If this magazine does generate some income, that would allow us to extend the size of the magazine and create yet more access for writers and readers.

If you choose to submit any work(s) for publication in Loch Raven Review, please read and familiarize yourself with these Submission Guidelines, as well as our Copyright, Privacy, and Editorial Policies. By submitting any work(s) to Loch Raven Review, you are representing to Loch Raven Review and its editors that you have the copyright to the work(s) and you are permitting Loch Raven Review copyrights in accordance with Loch Raven Review's published Copyright Policy, and that you hold Loch Raven Review and its editors harmless in all respects from any copyright infringement caused by your submission.

Please click on these links and familiarize yourself with our policies.
Copyright Policy     Privacy Policy

Include this information at the top of your email submission:     

Subject Line:     LRR submission from your name.
     1.     First and Last Name.
     2.     City, State (or Province, etc.), and Country.
     3.     Email address.
     4.     Very brief description of submitted Work(s) - poetry, short fiction, articles.
     5.     Age statement: "I am 16 years of age or older."
            (Do not submit if you are younger than 16.)
     6.     A brief biographical sketch.

Feel free to copy and paste the above list to your email, for convenience's sake. Just highlight the list, then hit EDIT and COPY. Click on any email link and, in the BODY of your email, hit EDIT and PASTE, and you will have the list to fill in.
Email to: [email protected].


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