Summer 2012

Table of Contents - Vol. VIII, No. 2


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Laurie Byro
Ophelia Speaks
The Best Sister of Wyrd

Norma Chapman
Dorothy Day

Terry Collett
Sex and After
As You Walked Home One Summer Day

Kathleen Corcoran
Passing Out
Goldfish Pond
Second Grade

Holly Day
Call Me “Ma’am”

David Edwards
Four Poems

Rachel Frankel

Judy Grey

John Hayes
Three Poems

Kathryn Jacobs
Hospital Babies

Len Krisak
All Flesh Is Grass
Answering Caligula

Richard Luftig
Heard in the Diner

Michael Monroe
An Answer to Walt Whitman

Afzal Moolla
Apples and Spinach

Rick Mullin
The Poor Boy
Green Line to Lechmere

Constantine Pantazonis
hollywood and vine
wild kingdom

Kay Robertson
Hippie Chick 2012

Robin Scofield
Solar Power

J.R. Solonche
Hearing Test

Allen M. Weber
The Bottle Tree
A Young Woman’s Introduction to Color and Death

Julia Wendell
Too Much is Too Much

Mary L. Westcott
Chest Pain


Suzanne Dracius
To Cendra’s Ashes/Aux cendres de Cendra

René Char
The Dismissed Instructor/L’Instituteur revoqué
You Open Your Eyes.../Tu ouvres les yeux...


Marje A. Dyck
The Bus Ride

James Hanley
Second Choice

Raud Kennedy
Silver Elvis

Todd Outcalt
The Bill Collector


Dan Cuddy
Review of Poems from the Website Poetry in Baltimore by David Eberhardt

Barrett Warner
Review of Bringing the Shovel Down by Ross Gay
Review of Strong is Your Hold by Galway Kinnel

Poetry    Fiction    Translations    Reviews   


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