Summer 2012

Table of Contents - Vol. VIII, No. 2


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Constantine Pantazonis


hollywood and vine

it happened again 
it always does, this time
it was a woman in a car, turning
a corner, a three second window
of opportunity, into which
i crammed a neurotic lifetime
she sort of reminded me...
different combinations came to mind
louise ranier with a touch of anna magnani
or maybe a susan hayward/myrna loy hybrid
she was tough to pin down -
hard to figure out, of course
i only saw her from the shoulders up
but that seemed to be enough, after all
i've gone with much less and ended up
at the same place - the same damn place


wild kingdom

observe, the lion 
as he roams the savanna,
spraying his scent
much like his diminutive cousins
the female remains to protect her young
and just as the mother lion protects her cubs, 
you can protect your children with 
an insurance policy from mutual of omaha

now, we travel now up the amazon, 
deep within the jungle interior
our native guide, a jivaro head-hunter
recently converted by jesuit missionaries
paddles into the circuitous backwaters
of the amazon basin
as jim wrestles for his life
gripped within the muscular coils 
of a 30 foot, 300 pound anaconda
who, by the convulsive intensity 
of its savage contortions
probably hasn't eaten in a week or two
just as jim is caught within 
its suffocating reptilian grip
you too can escape the coils of dire circumstance 
with an insurance policy from mutual of omaha

we shift now to the australian back country
to observe the flora and fauna of this isolated continent, 
where life has evolved into unique and uniquely incredible
variations unlike any we have seen in our travels
our native guide, an aborigine 
affectionately known as hey you boy
has sniffed out the spoor of the canis lupus dingo
an apex predator, the largest of this strange and wonderful land
our guide emits a shrill bark - a mating call
as jim fights for his life, surrounded by a pack
of snarling alpha male sex-starved dingoes
you too can escape the bloody canines of misfortune
with an insurance policy from mutual of omaha


© Constantine Pantazonis


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