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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus


Fall 2007

Table of Contents - Vol. III, No. 3

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Bob Bradshaw

Mary Susan Clemons
Back in the Game

Lisa Janice Cohen

Jim Corner
Amanda Is Getting Married

Richard Fein
An a.m. Parting
Rocking Between Subway Stations

Allen Itz
2 am to 2 pm
fulton street hustlers

Guy Kettelhack
Body Language
I Sing For My Father

Morgan Lafay
Window Pain
Night Dancing

David W. Landrum
Necessary Evil
The Sultan Is Pleased

Charles Levenstein
Window of Desire

Chris Mooney-Singh
When I Drive a Cab
Illusion Management For Beginners
Mr Chen Takes a Cab from the Bird Singing Contest

Mary E. Moore
Flying Solo

Charles Musser
Return of the Dowser
The Face

Michael North
Overhead Door

Ashok Niyogi
Progress Report on My Meditation

Constantine Pantazonis

Don Schaeffer
The Window Makes A Silent Movie Out Of Everything

Shawn Nacona Stroud
Designer Vanity

S. Thomas Summers
Posted: Private James Christopher Tanis, 87th Georgia Infantry
Stonewall Jackson at Manassas: July 21, 1861

Ray Templeton
Another Garden
The Visit


Gregg Mosson
Performing Allen Ginsberg’s Howl


Cristina Rascón Castro translated by Toshiya Kamei
My Bed Is Covered with Clouds
the immigrant's psychoanalysis or new age corrido

Federico García Lorca translated by Catherine Chandler
Ballad of the Moon, Moon
The Sleepwalker Ballad
Ballad of the Black Yearning

Sofía Ramírez translated by Toshiya Kamei
The Dream of Water
God's Dream


Christopher T. George and Lisa Janice Cohen
Interview with Teresa White


Semia Harbawi
The Guest Room

Barry Judson Lohnes

Tom Sheehan
Man with Inner Movies

Book Notes & Reviews

Jim Doss
Review of The Blessing by Gregory Orr
Review of The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl

Christopher T. George
Review of Howl: The 50th Anniversary Edition by Allen Ginsberg
Review of Heron Sea by M. Kei
Review of The 2007 Rhysling Anthology edited by Drew Morse

Poetry    Translations    Interview    Essays    Fiction    Book Notes & Reviews


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