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  Lisa Janice Cohen is a physical therapist in the Boston area. A poet and an aspiring novelist, Lisa is the head moderator of Wild Poetry Forum and is completing her fourth novel. Samples of her writing, along with a link to her blog can be found at www.ljcohen.net. Along with fellow 'wild poets' Jim Doss, Carole Barley, and Lisa Megraw, she helped edit Poets Gone Wild: an Internet Anthology. Lisa's poetry has appeared in internet and print journals including LRR, World Haiku Review, Stirring--A Literary Collection, and New Solutions. She is also the webmaster of Amaze--a cinquain journal.  

Fall 2007

Table of Contents - Vol. III, No. 3

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Lisa Janice Cohen



I have said goodbye, opened windows
to the night, the stutter of wings
against glass. Three stars mark
Shabbat's end. The angel nods;

Yes, she is the one. I read her name
on his lips. When they kiss, his mouth
will taste of honey and red wine. The echo
of cloves clears the room of antiseptic

fear. My hand shakes. Wax weeps
from the candle's double helix.
We extinguish it together. The song
of separation rises in lament.

He gathers her body to his breast;
one last mitzvah of tenderness.



Tonight, I light a candle, say kaddish
as you gather the driftwood of our family
without me. It's been a year. Your mother
made her quiet retreat after a century

of pitched battles, no more wounded
left for her to attend. You stand
in the line of fire, hands empty, refuse
to hear about dialysis. How Dad's blood

will choke with silt. How the catheter
is a snake swallowing its own poison.
At the unveiling, you bury another piece
of yourself, pray you'll go before he does.

When it's time to bear away your coffin,
you will be light as any child.


Lisa Janice Cohen

Poetry    Translations    Interview    Essays    Fiction    Book Notes & Reviews


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