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  Cristina Rascón Castro (Sonora, 1976) is the author of
Hanami (2006), El agua está helada (2006), and
Cuentráficos (2006).

Toshiya Kamei is the translator of The Curse of Eve
and Other Stories
by Liliana Blum, forthcoming from Host Publications.


Fall 2007

Table of Contents - Vol. III, No. 3

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Cristina Rascón Castro


My Bed Is Covered with Clouds

the first cloud came at dawn
like a lost ship to a lighthouse
and touched my body
sleeping under the sheets
the other ones arrived
to the rhythm of crumpled time:
there's no room
for love anymore
the clouds aren't made of cotton
but cyclopean bubbles
I can't feel or see you
my heart
clings to them
the way a cub nestles
in its mother's fur.



drops of saliva
my heart
is thirsty


the immigrant's psychoanalysis or new age corrido

I'm a piece of wave that didn't reach the sea
a piece of star without sunlight
a tree that didn't split up into pencils
a martyr who doesn't know how to cry

I'm darkness when light rises
a poem when nobody can read
a hobo dandelion ear of wheat
insecticide dust in rooms plaster

I'm a butterfly's wing
with no body to fly
a toad without formalin
uncooked intestines
a rat in a hole (a shrimp after World War IV)

I'm the evil mole from Thumbelina
the stepmother the wolf the crowd that didn't buy a
a dead body without a satellite
an embryo about to come out
held breath
a chord
of the last symphony of memory
a chord
that nobody stops to listen to

-- Translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei


© Toshiya Kamei

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