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Loch Raven Review Spring 2006 — Vol. II, No. 1

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Gael Bage
READ   Come, Lord of the Woods

Jim Bennett
READ   as cool as the sound of jazz  ~  when I tried to write a haiku  ~  poem for you

Sandi Blakemore-Baig
READ   Another Winter Day  ~  8 A.M.  ~  Northern Comfort

Gary Blankenship
READ   Dust  ~  Ash

Jeffrey Calhoun
READ   Neighborhood Drug Store

Alison Eastley
READ   Realistic Henry  ~  Illness Has A Tendency To Make People Undress  ~  Water Torture  ~  Voices From The Grave.

David Flynn
READ   A Silk Lined Box  ~  Wasted Seconds and Worthless Years  ~  Ephemeral Ephemera

Miguel Hern�ndez translated by Jim Doss
READ   Seated on the Dead  ~  First Song  ~   The Soldier and the Snow  ~   July 18, 1936 - July 18, 1938  ~  Last Song  ~  Rondelet of a Song of War  ~  "The Cemetery is Close"  ~  Waltz of Those in Love and Inseparable Forever

Craig Kirchner
READ   Larry, Moe and Me  ~  Party Line  ~  Elegy Eve  ~  Dreamboat

Deborah P. Kolodji
READ   Croagh Patrick  ~  Cinco de Mayo  ~  Aquarium Dreams

Morgan Lafay
READ   Good Old Times  ~  Crow Ghost  ~  Grandma's Quilt

Federico Garc�a Lorca translated by Jim Doss
READ   Return from a Walk  ~  1910  ~  Fable and Round of the Three Friends  ~  Abandoned Church  ~  Death  ~  Landscape with Two Graves and an Assyrian Dog 

R.D. McManes
READ   Sympathy Read  ~  One of These Lines  ~  Between Clothes

Corey Mesler
READ   Inherency  ~   The Ballad of the Wandering Consciousness

Jayar Moten
READ   My Dream Her Legacy  ~  Don't Sleep 

Amy Nawrocki
READ   Other Devils  ~   The Beauty of Faces

G. M. Palmer
READ   Trebuchet

Don Schaeffer
READ   Three Poems Sprung From The Same Dream

Marie Gail Stratford
READ   Since She Came Along  ~  Thread

Mo Swanson
READ   Igniting Memories 
~  Under the Covers  ~   Tree Climbing Days Are Over  ~  Days Like This

READ   Sea Dreams  ~  Return  ~   Nesting

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Oliver Murray
READ   Forgiveness

Kala Ramesh
READ   Aching for a Foothold


Gary Blankenship
READ   Poets Worth Your Attention:  Dave Ruslander,  Alex Stolis,  John W. Sexton

 Jim Doss
Review of  Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930 - 1950  by Cesar Pavese,
translated by Geoffrey Brock

Christopher T. George
READ   Review of  A River Transformed:  Wang Wei's River Wang Poems as Inspiration
by Gary Blankenship

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