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Loch Raven Review                   Spring 2006 Issue Contributor Notes


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Gael Bage came late to poetry after a career as a manager in the health service and rearing three children. She won honorable mention in her first ever entry to a competition the Mainichi haiku contest, and has had several poems published in Amaze and other magazines, including one editor who saw my poems on Sam Hamil's Poets Against the War site and asked to use them in a Spanish magazine.

Jim Bennett lives near Liverpool in the UK and is the managing editor of www.poetrykit.org.  His most recent publication is a poetry collection called "The Man Who Tried To Hug Clouds" Bluechrome Publishing 2004 (2nd edition 2005).  Jim teaches Creative Writing at the University of Liverpool and tours throughout the year giving reading and performances of his work. 

Sandi Blakemore-Baig has been published online and in print. Her work can be found in, Plum Ruby Review, Poems Niederngasse, Amaze: The Cinquain Journal, Scorched Earth, Spirits, Lactuca, The AU Review, and many other literary magazines and journals. She has studied creative writing at the University of Evansville and other universities, and she received a full-tuition talent scholarship based on a portfolio of poetry and publication credits from Governors State University in 1986. 

Gary Blankenship, is a retired manager who dabbles in poetry and publishing. He is CEO of Santiam Publishing and publishes the online journals, MindFire Renewed and FireWeed, both at www.mindfirerenew.com. Gary has been published on the web and in a variety of paper publications.

Jeffrey Calhoun is a Biology major at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. He is intrigued with the ability of well-crafted poetry to evoke emotion and provoke thinking as well as questions of human health and is striving to become a research biologist working for a cure of Alzheimer's disease. He has been published, or has pieces forthcoming from: orpHeus, Snow Monkey, Tilt, MAG: Muse Apprentice Guild, The Centrifugal Eye, decomP, Poems Niederngasse, and the Loch Raven Review. 

Jim Doss, co-editor of Loch Raven Review, was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His work has appeared in Poetry East, Virginia Literary Review, Poems Niedergasse, and other publications. He earns his living as a software engineer, and lives with his wife and three children in Maryland. See his bookstore at Lulu.com

Alison Eastly lives in Australia with her two teenage sons.  Previous work has been published in Ink Pot, Double Dare Press, The Absinthe Review, Lily, Tryst and many quality literary journals.  

David Flynn has had his work featured on Poetry Scotland, Poetic Hours, Snakeskin, Decanto and Poetry, Songs and Writers of Scotland. He has recently had work accepted by the "Strong Verse" journal - my first venture into the huge North American market. 

Christopher T. George, co-editor of Loch Raven Review, was born in Liverpool, England in 1948, and has lived in the Baltimore, Maryland, area since 1968. He and his wife Donna live near the Johns Hopkins University campus.  Besides being a poet and nonfiction writer with works published on both sides of the Atlantic, Chris is editor of Desert Moon Review http://www.desertmoonreview.com.  He is a published historian and a recognized authority on the War of 1812 and Jack the Ripper.  Chris�s book, The Scots in Maryland and a History of the St. Andrew�s Society of Baltimore, 1806�2006, will be published by the St. Andrew�s Society in 2006. 

Craig Kirchner lives and works as a consultant in the Mid-Atlantic. His works have appeared in journals including Slow Trains, Lily, Erosha, Thunder Sandwich, 3 AM MAGAZINE Adagio, Triplopia, Laura Hird, Clean Sheets, Astropoetica, and Zygote in My Coffee. He has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 

Deborah P Kolodji lives in Temple City, California. She is the editor of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal and the Moderator of the CinquainPoets e-mail list. She is a member of the Haiku Society of America, the Science Fiction Poetry Association  and the California State Poetry Society. Her work has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Eclectica, Gin Bender Poetry Review, Strange Horizons, Astropoetica, Scifaikuest, Haiku Harvest, and many other places. Her chapbook, unfinished book, was recently published by Shadows Ink Publications.

Morgan Lafay lives near Richmond, Virginia.  Her poems have appeared previously in Loch Raven Review and she was awarded poem of the week at Wild Poetry Forum.  Morgan's writing is influenced by family, friends, spontaneous instances, past memories, and people in general. 

R.D. McManes is the author of seven books of poetry.  Mr. McManes has had
poems published in Saucyvox, Literary Expresso, Prairie Poetry, Write On,
Scrivener�s Pen, Mipo Magazine, Swooping Hawk Quarterly,  Poems
Niederngasse, Taj Mahal Review, SP Quill Quarterly Magazine, and Baroque
Review.   Mr. McManes has conducted poetry workshops and related writing
presentations for the Kansas Author�s Club and resides near Scranton Kansas.
His author website is www.macpoetry.com/

Corey Mesler is the owner of Burke�s Book Store, in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the country�s oldest (1875) and best independent bookstores. He has published poetry and fiction in numerous journals including Rattle, Pindeldyboz, Quick Fiction, Cranky, Thema, Mars Hill Review, Poet Lore and others.  He has also been a book reviewer for The Memphis Commercial Appeal.  A short story of his was chosen for the 2002 edition of New Stories from the South: The Year�s Best, published by Algonquin Books.   Talk, his first novel, appeared in 2002. Nice blurbs from Lee Smith, John Grisham, Robert Olen Butler, Frederick Barthelme, and others. He has a new novel, We Are Billion-Year-Old Carbon, just out from Livingston. He has 5 chapbooks due out in 2006.  He also claims to have written, �Ride, Captain, Ride.� Most importantly, he is Toby and Chloe�s dad and Cheryl�s husband.  

Jayar Moten resides in Kansas City Missouri, and is English (creative writing) major at Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph, Missouri.  Though this is officially his first time being published, Jayar has won various awards for his SLAM poetry performance throughout the mid-west region.   The versatility in his material can be attributed to his spiritual mentor�s and fellow poets Amiri Baraka, Alice Walker, Saul Williams and Sekou the Misfit.  Moten believes that the sources for most of his inspiration come from things he believes are more divine than him.   

Oliver Murray lives with his wife in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has had many stories published or broadcast on radio, and two plays on RTE Radio. His work has appeared in The Kilkenny Magazine, Other Poetry, Anon, Candelabrum, The Shop, First Things, The Lyric, Iambs and Trochees, Salt, Dublin Opinion, Phoenix, etc.

Amy Nawrocki is a professor of English at the University of Bridgeport in CT. She received her M.F.A. from the University of Arkansas. Her poems have been published in The Midday Moon, The Lucid Stone, Ribbons, and poetrymagazine.com.

G. M. Palmer is the editor of Strong Verse, a poetry magazine found at www.strongverse.org.  His family has lived in Florida since before it was a state, and he continues this tradition by residing in Jacksonville. Apart from writing and editing poetry, Michael teaches, tutors, sings, cooks, and plays the blues. Michael and his wife Heather live in an old, wood-frame house with their daughter Cordelia, a homeless Hope, their mothers, and their three dogs: Vonnegut, Frost, and Eliot (T. S., not George). 

Kala Ramesh is a Haiku poet and also an exponent of Indian Classical Music. A keen follower of Pandit Kumar Gandharva�s style, she has been giving successful concerts in India. She has several articles published on Indian Music and Indian Thought to her credit. Her work consisting of Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Zips, Cinqku and Cinquains has been published in reputed journals and e-magazines like the Bottle Rockets � Simply Haiku � Frogpond � Heron's Nest - Ribbons � Lynx � World Haiku Review � The Loch Raven Review � Haiku Harvest - Contemporary Haibun Online � Tinywords � WHC India Saijiki - Triptych Haiku - Amaze � Roadrunner - Japanese daily news-papers � Mainichi, Asahi Shambun and Go-Shichi-Go of The Daily Yomiuri.  She lives with her husband in Pune, India. 

Don Schaeffer was born in the Bronx, N.Y. in 1940. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from City University of New York (1975). He established Enthalpy Press and has published 5 chap books including "Time Meat" and "The Word Cow and the Pig O' Love." ISBN series: 0-9687017 Recent poetry has been published in The Writers Publishing, Burning Effigy Press, "Understanding Magazine," "Melange," "Tryst," "Quills," and others. 

Marie Gail Stratford is a freelance writer, archivist and dance instructor from Kansas City, Missouri. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and Psychology from Olivet Nazarene University and pursues her love affair with creative communication as often as possible in venues as diverse as Kansas City's historic theaters and kindergarten classrooms. She is a regular contributor to the bi-monthly Ezine Blue House and serves as a moderator for the online poetry board Desert Moon Review and Blueline Poetry Forum. 

Mo Swanson is a teacher and poet, wife and mother enjoying the good moments.  Her work has been published online in T-Zero: the Writer's E-zine, Crescent Moon Journal, and Poems Niederngasse. She is grateful to her wonderful online friends in forums and classes for encouragement and love! They rock!  

Wiltshire is a writer, a lawyer and a teacher living in California.  She enjoys studying and writing all types of poetry: free verse, sonnets, pantoums, minimals, prose poems, Japanese forms.  Her poetry has appeared in various publications, including Crescent Moon Journal, T-Zero:The Writer�s Ezine, Poems Niederngasse, Loch Raven Review and the London Red Cross Insomnia Project. 


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