Spring 2009

Table of Contents - Vol. V, No. 1


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Bob Bradshaw
Fannie Kisses Wu Chen
Your Mother
Aunt Viola

Dan Cuddy
Large Poem Writ Small or Vice Versa

Dawn Dupler
Something I Would Have Remembered Saying

Liz Gallagher
The People One Meets While Wearing a Hat

Bernard Henrie
A Traveler Taken Into the Hands of the Moon
The Handsomest Man in Cuba

Guy Kettelhack

Larry Kimmel
The Weight of One Small Death

Andrea Potos
After The Evening Lecture On Insight Meditation
A Poet in Winter
In Yaya's Den

Casey Quinn
when asked to paint the world

Doug Ramspeck
Wood Ibis
Bottomlands Inheritance

Paula Ray
A cappella

Oliver Rice
Lunch Break

Michael Salcman
Explaining the Wound
The Girl in Section 342
Turner Sets Out in a Snowstorm
What the Bay Provides

Arthur Seeley
Early Lessons
Requiem: Spring 1943

KH Solomon

Ray Templeton


Christopher T. George
Interview with C.E. Chaffin


Ernest Bryll
Nearby, nearby it is hardest to hear...
The Lamb
"To fall asleep in eternity’s palm"
"In the gale like a river thickening above"
The One Who

Al Mahmud
The Cormorant's Blood


Stephanie King

John Riebow
September Rain

Book Notes & Reviews

Dan Cuddy
Review of Stranger At Home, An Anthology: American Poetry With An Accent, edited by Gritsman, Weingarten, Brown, and Firan
Christopher T. George
Review of Unexpected Light: Selected Poems and Love Poems 1998–2008,
by C.E. Chaffin

Poetry    Interview    Translations    Fiction    Book Reviews

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