Winter 2008

Table of Contents - Vol. IV, No. 4


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Jim Bennett
the invisible

Fred Bubbers
A Victorian in 1990

Laurie Byro
The Pig’s Wife at Forty
The Visitor
Job Returns as a Puffin

Kathleen Corcoran
Captive Crabs
Dappled Things
TV Comes to Logan, West Virginia

Chris Crittenden
Whelk On Beach
Old Apple Tree

Dan Cuddy
Riders on the Storm

John Grey
Mekong Mothers

Guy Kettelhack
Global Cooling

Eric Knapp
Fulton, NY

David W. Landrum
Jughead at Fifty

Gol McAdam
‘To Have And Have Not’
Some Teeth

La Maja Vestida

Amy Nawrocki
Mirror, Mirror
The Lamp
History of a Table

Oliver Rice
Last Wishes, Old Idolatries

Brandon S. Roy
Night Funeral in New Orleans
Somewhere on Napoleon

Matthew Smith
Driving Drunk in Atlanta

Carolyn Srygley-Moore
Forced to Learn how to Fly
Autumn's Approach

Marie Gail Stratford
Avoiding Harrassment Charges

Gene van Troyer
The Desert Falls


Christopher T. George
Interview with Michael Salcman


Michael Krüger
Marx Speaks
Speech of the Gardener
Speech of the Taxi Driver
Cello Suite
The Keys


Gregory G. Allen
The Business Trip

Tom Sheehan
The Cochran Resolve

Sanford Tweedie
Seville, Midafternoon

Thane Zander
The Free Spirit

Book Notes & Reviews

Christopher T. George
Review of The Clock Made of Confetti by Michael Salcman
Review of the secret meanings of greek letters by Michaela A. Gabriel
and small confessions & pebbles of regret by Michaela A. Gabriel and Alex Stolis

Poetry    Interview    Translations    Fiction    Book Reviews

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