Fall 2007

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This issue features poetry by Bob Bradshaw, Mary Susan Clemons, Lisa Janice Cohen, Jim Corner, Richard Fein, Allen Itz, Guy Kettelhack, Morgan Lafay, David W. Landrum, Charles Levenstein, Chris Mooney-Singh, Mary E. Moore, Charles Musser, Michael North, Ashok Niyogi, Constantine Pantazonis, Don Schaeffer, Shawn Nacona Stroud, S. Thomas Summers, Ray Templeton; translations of Cristina Rascón Castro by Toshiya Kamei, Federico García Lorca by Catherine Chandler, and Sofía Ramírez by Toshiya Kamei; interview with Teresa White by Christopher T. George and Lisa Janice Cohen; an essay by Gregg Mosson; fiction by Semia Harbawi, Barry Judson Lohnes and Tom Sheehan; book reviews by Jim Doss and Christopher T. George.



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