Winter 2007

Table of Contents - Vol. III, No. 4


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Gary Blankenship
Walking with Gandhiji VII: On the Rubber Chicken Circuit Seated below the Salt

Jim Corner

William Doreski
A Trip to the Postcard Shop
Everyone Needs Both a God and a Goddess
Spirit Box

Michaela A. Gabriel
The Longing of the Long-Distance Lover
bride, unveiled

Clarinda Harriss
McCrory’s Big Blue Sign
Big Easy Trick (September, 2005)
Blue Pool

Deborah P Kolodji
"alone now"
Off the Map
Excavation in L.A.

Tammy Ho Lai-ming
Dinner Table
Before My Departure

David W. Landrum
Saint Augustine’s Lover Remembers

Danilo Lopez

Steve Meador
The Eye

Corey Mesler
In Basketball as in Life it is Important to Keep the Birds from Waking
Eggleston in Scotland
Surprise Lily

Mary E. Moore
Celebrating a Life

Shawn Nacona Stroud
Kill Devil Hill, NC

S. Thomas Summers
The End

Thane Zander
The Last Train to Babylon


Dave Eberhardt and Dan Cuddy
Notes on the Baltimore Poetry Scene: A Short Collaborative Tour, 1964–2007


William Reese Hamilton
The Best People in Town

Fred Longworth
Making It Plane

Randy Rohn
The Man Who Fell in Love with the Stump of a Tree

Deborah C. Strozier

Howard Waldman
At the Veterinarian’s
Plant No Trees in the Garden

Book Notes & Reviews

Dan Cuddy
Review of The Woman from Away by Barbara M. Simon

Jim Doss
Review of Logorrhea by Adrian C. Louis
Review of Sixty-Cent Coffee and a Quarter to Dance by Judy Jordan

Christopher T. George
Review of Selected Poems and This Great Unknowing: Last Poems by Denise Levertov
Review of Fire Baton by Elizabeth Hadaway
Review of Rather, It Should Shine by S. Thomas Summers
Review of Dirty Blue Voice by Clarinda Harriss
Review of Manorborn, edited by Silvia Grasham, Jean E. Keenan, and Alan C. Reese

Poetry    Essays    Fiction    Book Reviews

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