Summer 2007

Table of Contents   (c) Dave Wood

Photo Dave Wood



This issue features poetry by Kate Bernadette Benedict, Annie Bien, Laurie Byro, Antonia Clark, Dan Cuddy, Claudia Gary-Annis, Conrad Geller, Mitchell Geller, Tim Kahl, Guy Kettelhack, David W. Landrum, Mercedes Lawry, Francis Masat, Steve Meador, Michael Monroe, Gregg Mosson, Michael North, Kenneth Pobo, Nicholas Ripatrazone, K. A. Ryan, Janice D. Soderling, Karen Stanley, Shawn Nacona Stroud; translations of Isolda Dosamantes, Victoria Guerrero, and Estrella del Valle by Toshiya Kamei; fiction by Dawn Dupler, David W. Landrum, Barry Judson Lohnes, Christine Purcell, and Terry Sanville; book reviews by Jim Doss and Christopher T. George.



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